DIY No-Sew Burlap Banner

I'm in love with burlap- wreaths, decorative pillows, etc. It's the in-thing if that's what you want to call it. I wanted to make a burlap banner for a photo session I had this weekend for an adorable little boy turning the big "1" and I wanted something simple and easy. I really didn't want to have to deal with sewing it, so here's how I made a simple DIY no-sew burlap banner.

Burlap- any color
Twine or ribbon
Paint and paint brush
Stencils (optional)
Hot glue gun

To get the banner to look consistent, I made a cutout of a triangle that I used as a template. I cut three triangles to use on the banner, and you could make these whatever size you wanted. I've seen banners that say "happy birthday," "merry christmas," etc, so if you wanted to do that, just make your template smaller. Be sure to leave additional material at the top of the triangle so that you can adhere the triangles to the banner line. 

Once you have your triangles cut, place them on newspaper to prevent the surface from getting paint on it when you paint the letters on the burlap. I bought stencils which I used, and can be re-used to make additional banners. If you're super skilled and can free-hand the letters without stencils, go you!

Once the paint is dry, measure out whatever you want to use for the line of the banner. I chose to use burlap to keep with the same material, but you could use whatever you wanted, such as ribbon/twine/etc. After you have your line measured, turn the triangles so that the painted side of the triangles are on the ground. The next part is what makes this project "no-sew."

Lay the line of the banner flat, and place the triangles where you want them. Fold down the top of the triangle over the line of the banner and pin in place. Hot glue under the flap and ensure that the glue holds the pieces together. I chose to knot the burlap between the triangles, but you can do whatever you want between each one. Once I completed the banner, I knotted ribbon to the end of each side so that I could use it to secure when hanging it, but again you could do whatever you like for the ends.

And that's it! An easy DIY no-sew banner to use for any occasion :)

my favorite photo editing programs

When I first started taking picture, I really never thought of editing them, but when I got my fancy camera and realized I could make some moooollahhhh taking pictures I got on the stick. There are so many different programs you can use to edit photos, some free, and some that cost an arm and a leg. And you don't have to have a fancy high-dollar camera to take good photos. I took pictures forever with a point and shoot camera and they turned out just fine. It's all in how you focus and edit the photos.

If you're looking for a free photo editing program, I would recommend PicMonkey (who doesn't like free?!). It has several options you can use to make photos look professionally edited, and there are also options you can pick from that you have to pay for if you want advanced options. You can add text, make collages, and all sorts of fun things with this program.

There is also a more costly option you can select, which many know and use called Photoshop. I have it, but I rarely use it. My sister got it for me from her school, and it cost me nothing, but it can cost several hundred dollars for someone to go and purchase. There are LOTS of options and things you can do, but you really have to sit and learn the process to be effective in using it.

My all-time favorite program is Lightroom. My husband got me this through his school, and again this program cost me nothing. If you purchase the program, it cost close to $100 and after using it, it's worth the investment if you want to edit pictures. It's really easy to use, and extremely user-friendly, especially for those that are not as good with technology. I'm no expert- I'm completely self-taught on all photo programs and if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can do it. 

There are so many workshops and high-dollar avenues you can take, but really the best thing I've found is trial and error. This works for me, but isn't for everyone. Some want someone to tell them exactly what to do, but what's the fun in that?!