Best Meal Ever...Like Ever

My husband was home for New Years, so we decided to get all dressed up and have the most amazing meal we've ever had. We have a world famous restaurant just down the street from us, and I've always envied the people that get to eat there. Joseph Decuis is an experience like non-other, especially on New Years Eve!

The cost was $100 per plate, and was a 6 course meal. In addition to our meal we shared 2 bottles of Moscato (not included in the cost)...our new favorite wine :) For the main course, I had the Wagyu Beef and the hubby had salmon. Joseph Decuis is the only restaurant in the US raising Wagyu Beef on their farm, which you can take a tour of if you like. The experience was that of a lifetime, and the food was absolutely amazing!

Not sure we will be back anytime soon, especially now that we have to live in a cardboard box because we spent our life savings on one meal. I guess for now I will have to go back to peeking in the windows of the restaurant as I run by. Can't wait till the hubby gets home and we can celebrate his homecoming with another fancy meal at Joseph Decuis.  


  1. Holy moly that's an expensive restaurant! Looks like it was quite the meal!

    1. It was the one thing the hubby wanted to do before he deployed...and it was by far the BEST meal we've ever had!

      So worth it :)