Race Friends :)

While running the WDW Marathon, and thinking I was going to die I met a new friend. LA is from New York, and works in the big world of HR just like myself. In the thousands of runners, not many wanted to chat, let alone say hi (and I thought Disney World was supposed to be the happiest place on earth...I guess race day is the exception). When I hit mile 17 I was constantly looking over my shoulder for the "sweeper" and fearing the ride on the "bus of shame" to the finish. Not only did my fear nearly come true, but I met a new friend. LA runs for Team in Training to help fight Blood Cancer. You can find her here. I've looked into running for Team in Training, and after hearing more about it and everything it does, I'm convinced it's for me. I have a cancer-prone family, so I'm committed to helping to find a cure. LA and I stayed together until the finish, and I can honestly say there's no way I would have finished without her! We talked about everything under the sun...our jobs, running, our dogs, my husband's deployment, where we live, the races we've run, future races we would like to run (Chicago Rock and Roll), etc. You name it, we talked about it! I met some of her friends that were cheering for her along the course, and so jealous of all the amazing support Team in Training runners, supporters, and coaches have for each other. It didn't matter what chapter you were from, people cheered for you and continued to motivate you along the course. It was just absolutely amazing! Overall, I'm proud to say I finished a marathon, got to do it with my mom and sister, my dad got to see us all finish (he was the best cheerleader!!), and I met a new friend that has inspired me to do so much more with my running than just race and get pretty shiny medals :)

What motivates you to run?


  1. Kym... U were a blessing to LA! I am so happy she found you when she herself wanted to quit! You two definitely pulled each other through and earned that pretty bling! Love, KJ (LA's best friend!)

    1. Aww, thank you :) I feel so lucky to have found her too! I know there is no way I could have finished the race without her! You are all such an inspiration...how lucky you all are to have each other as friends! Maybe we will see each other again :)