Running a Marathon...Check

This past weekend I ran my first FULL Marathon at Walt Disney World with my mom and younger sister, and let me just say WOW! We've ran several 1/2 marathons before and I thought some of those were tough.

We went to the expo and there were more vendors than you knew what to do with. A couple years ago I ran the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (my first 1/2) and loved it. Disney races are by far the best to do...the race support is amazing, the expos are outstanding, and best part is you can make a mini-vacation out of the race trip.

 The Expo

We attempted to dress in character, but not so sure we accomplished that. It was over 100 degrees when we ran so the black shirt was a bad idea...and I got some killer burn lines from the race.

I was Minnie Mouse, Mom was Ariel, and my Sister Brooke was Cinderella

Overall I'm happy to say I've run a marathon, but not so sure there will be anymore in my near running future. How do you recover from running a marathon and have any desire to run another?

I will have more to post on the marathon, but for now I need to nurse my legs of jello. Congrats to all the marathon runners out there...there were thousands! :)


  1. Congrats! I am so excited for all three of you and even more excited to see you have a blog.

    I took lots of slow walks after Columbus, lived in compression gear and drank lots of water. I didn't think I'd run another yet I'm signed up for Veteran's. I think you just have to have some space after the first.

    1. Hi Kim :) With all the many blogs out there, how the heck did you find mine?! I'm glad to see you did :) I can't believe you're training for another crazy! I did the Veterans half last year and liked it, but the course was a tad boring for me but nice because it was fairly flat and no hills. I'm definitely loving my compression gear this's the new style :)