27 Before 27

Yesterday my husband reminded me that I will be turning the big 2-7 this year (thank you husband). He won't be home to celebrate my turning of age, but I know he will be laughing from across the world as I slowly creep to my 30's (he's younger than me and thinks it's hilarious when I turn another year older). Here's my list of things I would like to have done before the big b-day rolls around (in no particular order):
  1. Take Kali to the park (as long as it's not raining...wet dog isn't my favorite scent)
  2. Run 3 times a week
  3. Send at least 2 care packages each week to my husband
  4. Hang all the pictures I've bought that are sitting in the closet
  5. Organize our office (you don't want to see it...seriously)
  6. Read a book a month
  7. Make time for myself
  8. Learn how to say "no" and mean it
  9. Give up soda (I'll make a post on this)
  10. Shop for my gown for the Marine Ball (I always wait until the last minute)
  11. Grow my blog readership (thank you to all my followers :))
  12. Visit my baby sister at IU (she's going to be a heart surgeon...smarty pants)
  13. Stay out of a Harley Davidson store (sorry husband)
  14. Run at least one race a month
  15. Unplug from technology at least one day a week
  16. Eat more vegetables
  17. Plan a vacation for when the hubby gets home
  18. Buy a new pair of running shoes...hint hint husband
  19. Print our wedding pictures and get them framed 
  20. Window shop for a treadmill...wishful thinking :)
  21. Learn how to use a grill, this includes turning it on
  22. See a movie at the theater
  23. Stop buying toys for Kali (she has more toys than I have shoes)
  24. Expand my work wardrobe to more than just black
  25. Give clothes I don't wear to those less fortunate
  26. Grow our saving account
  27. Have no debt except the house-DONE :)
Chicago, Soldier Field 2012


  1. You should post some wedding pictures on your blog!!!


  2. 27 is a good age! :) I love that you already completely #27, we are well on our way as well.

  3. 26 has been a roller coaster...I'm hoping 27 is better :)