Fish in the Sea

Since I started Grad School, my weekends are spent sitting in front of my computer typing papers (sounds fun I know). Yesterday I forced myself to finish all 3 of my papers so I could spend today relaxing and not thinking about school. My dad flew back from Florida today, so my sisters and mom surprised him for a late breakfast at ihop, and man was it delicious!

I have a scheduled date with the grocery store every Sunday, which is pathetic as crap, but it's my social hour. Once again, when I went to the store I went in for bananas and milk, and walked out with a cart full of crap healthy snacks to send to the hubby. I decided to get semi-creative and decorate the box and here's what I came up with:

My mom teaches in an elementary school, so I included letters some students wrote to the hero's they've never met. I also include a card and pictures in every package I send my hubby, which I'm sure he loves.

Maine 2012


  1. I always loved decorating the inside of the boxes I sent Kyle. It always seemed to brighten his spirits. :)

  2. I'm always trying to think of new ideas to's fun to think of his reaction when he gets it! :)