HobLob Lovin'

I worked at Hobby Lobby (craft store central) when attending college, and absolutely loved it!! I would dream up things I wanted to design and create, but never found the time or motivation to do it. I would spend most of my time helping old ladies pick out fabric designs, scrapbook paper, flowers, and any other supplies they needed for whatever project they were working on. It was a pretty neat job, and gave me some extra spending money, so it was a win-win.

Today I was attending a conference, and it just so happens that HL was right across that street, so I hopped on over on our lunch break. I immediately went to the scrapbook department to see if I could find some fancy paper and stickers to decorate some more boxes this weekend. It was pure heaven, and the best part was that I went in the middle of the day so it wasn't crowded at all!

I have so much stuff to box and ship over to the hubby and his guys...I really need to stop buying stuff very time I go to the store. It's like a disease..oops :)

And I leave you with a beautiful Florida sunset sent via my dad...wish I was basking in the sun right about now!! I'm so over winter and this white crap they call snow. Summer can come anytime!! :)


  1. HobLob is my fave! Apparently, Augusta (where we're moving this summer) has two.

  2. Seriously i love hobb lobby, we have one right out side our main gate from post. It's always my first go to place for crafty art supplies.

    1. They have literally everything you could possibly need!! Love it!