Life as a Military Wife

Being part of the military poses a multitude of challenges. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've felt so completely alone and wondered if I was the only one who felt this way. I started this blog as a way to connect with my husband when he left for training on the East Coast, and its turned into so much more. I know wherever my husband is, he's reading and keeping up on all the happenings of home. In addition to connecting with my husband, I use this blog as a way to connect with other military spouses who have been/are in the same place as I am.

So often people are apprehensive to ask questions regarding my husbands deployment (as I'm sure many are), and fear that anything they say will bring tears to my eyes (there are days that this is so very true). It's not easy to be a military wife, and those who have been here much longer than myself already know that. Family is wonderful to have, but there's an emptiness that can't be filled by their presence. Having your spouse deployed, poses a whole new set of challenges that I'm not sure you can ever be prepared for. You're left with a sense of loss and abandonment that can't be filled regardless what you occupy your time with. The flood of emotions I experience on a daily basis rarely come with warning, and I'm often left fighting them off throughout the day.

Most of my time is dedicated to my job, and when I'm not working I'm home remembering what it was like to spend the evenings with my husband. I'm now in Grad School, which keeps me more busy than I could have ever imagined, but regardless how busy I get, there's always an emptiness that my husband once filled. I have no idea what day my husband will return, so I cross off the weeks that he's gone. Finding the support system to get you through is so incredibly important, and I'm so very thankful I have family as close as I do.

We have the most wonderful dog I know, and I look forward to coming home each day to her "smiling" face. She's the one thing that makes my day brighter, and loves me regardless. Sometimes I'm a world of darkness, laughing is all we can do to keep from crying. Live, laugh, and cherish all the small moments in life...because when we look back it's all the big things that matter.

Our Baby Girl, Kali :)