One Month Down

While talking to my husband today, he reminded me that its been one month since he's left the country (feels SO much longer). Although my days feel jam-packed at work and now with the addition of Grad School, the days still seem to drag on at a snails pace. I have no idea when he will be home, so counting down the days would be I cross off the weeks/months that's he's gone.

I had this BIG to-do list all drawn out of things I wanted to have done before my husband gets back...and believe it or not, not one thing has been crossed off. And, I keep adding to the list, which makes it seem even more impossible to complete. Since we moved in to our house (close to 2 years) I've only hung my super handy dad has hung just a handful of things on the wall. I bought anything and everything I saw that I thought would look good on the walls, and it all sits in our hall closet where it's likely to remain. My problem is that I have no idea what I want to hang, or where I want to hang it. BIG problem I know! My husband would constantly remind me that we have a growing pile of pictures, yet none of them are hanging on the wall (which is where he thinks they belong). He's right in the aspect that I bought too much, and that everything sits in the closet, but we spent so much of our time (years, months, weeks) and effort painting the walls (we painted EVERYTHING...walls, trim, ceilings, and doors. I never want to paint anything ever again!).

Anyways, the point of this big long story is that while reading an assignment for my class, it talks about stress and how to manage it. As a military wife and left doing everything by yourself, things can get very overwhelming. One thing it talked about was not adding anything to your to-do list until you have at least 2 things crossed off. This will help me tremendously, as I'm sure it will for many others! By not adding anything to the list until I have done at least 2 things currently on the list, I can get more accomplished. I'm sure this will help so many others...and not just military spouses!

How do you organize you're to-do list and decide what takes priority?

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  1. I try to only put 5 things on my daily to-do lists. The list is long enough to accomplish things without feeling overwhelmed. I usually start my list with 1 or 2 simple things to get me started, then the 3rd will probably be my least favorite thing to do. It seems to work for me!