Crazy For You

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, and just realized I had forgotten about it. I sent this box to my husband a few weeks ago, so he should get it this weekend. I'm hoping it comes before he snoops and sees the picture on my blog. I filled the box with all his favorite things, and covered the top with drink mixes which I'm pretty sure I should start to buy some stock in. I cut out the two monsters on top to put on the outside of the box. I always love taking the boxes to the post office to see the reaction I get from the mail clerk. 

I themed the box "crazy for you" which I felt was so fitting since virtually every picture we take isn't normal. In nearly every picture, my husband is either making a funny face or he says something to make me laugh.

Having my husband around to make me laugh is one of the things I miss most about him being gone. We are almost another month down on the deployment!! I've found this ten times better than keeping a countdown calendar, which for me would be pointless since I don't know when my husband will even be home. How do you keep track of deployments and how long your loved one is gone?


  1. I used to count down Mondays. It gave me something to look forward to at the start of another work week. And Mac's and my song is "Crazy For You" by New Found Glory, so you picked a good theme!

  2. I love theme boxes! This one is very cute. I'm sure he appreciates the fun you put into the boxes. I'm glad you have one more month down on deployment. I know it's such a long time to wait. I hope you keep yourself busy!

  3. I love your pictures first of all and your theme box is so great! Way more creative than I ever was! I always tried to look at what I had been through rather than what I had left in front of me. One of my friends had the best idea…(with our guys on submarines, we know they'll be gone for an average of 183 days at a time), so she had one jar of 183 glass stones and as each day passed, she would move a stone from one jar to the other…it was so cool and helped all of us remember the progress we were making. I always loved seeing "the jars".

    1. I love the idea of jars! So creative :)

  4. Girl you must be going crazy not having any idea when he will be home!

    My first deployment I had a countdown and I found out that countdowns DO NOT work for me. It made time feel like it was going by SO SLOW.

    My second deployment I did no countdowns. Every once and a while I'd notice how much time has passed and be amazed. It was much better that way for me

  5. I love this post!! Great idea to have themes!

    I am getting ready for my first deployment and I love the idea of not having a countdown, especially since we never really know a date until the day before or that day!

    I am over at

    Victoria <3

  6. Such a great care package idea. You should submit it to Love From Home. She's currently looking for packages to feature on her blog!