Dinner & Drinks

Last night I met one of my sisters for dinner and had a good time catching up. She talked me into having a margarita, or two and I broke my diet for the day. We talked about everything under the sun, and I had revelation on what my sisters next job should be...a customer "service" phone operator (get my drift? mom and dad read this so I got to keep it PG :)). Haha! Sister wasn't too keen on the idea, but I'm sure she could make bank!

After dinner I headed to the store to get a few groceries and anything else that caught my eye. I always love walking through the kitchen gadgets, even though I don't cook or bake that often. Can you guess what I saw??!! My love...SodaStream :) If it had been on sale I may have snagged it (I want the nice one and it's a little too expensive for my blood right now...considering I just bought myself a MacBook), but I'm holding off until my birthday (hint hint to any member of my family that's reading this).

Since the weather has finally broke and it's nearly 60 degrees I'm planning an afternoon run. I need to get prepared for the run next weekend...I can't wait until my new shoes come in!! I hope everyone has a great Saturday and if you haven't already, grab my button on the right side of my page :)


  1. Joe and I have been looking at the Soda Stream too! We consume an embarrassing amount of soda…but like you were a little weary of the price! Maybe if I find a coupon. lol. There is also no more worthy way to break your diet than to do so with a margarita! So glad you had fun with your sister! I miss mine terribly!!! Cheers friend! Hope everything is going well!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time with your sister, times like that are priceless. :)

  3. We look at SodaStreams every time we're at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and can't decide if we want one. Maybe we just should buy it, haha.

  4. Grabbed your button :)
    So glad you finally got one!
    Love your blog so much girl.

    1. Hey I just put your button on my page and it says the image has been deleted???