Easter Blessings

My family celebrated Easter a few weeks ago since it was the best time for everyone to get together...but I wanted to re-cap Easter last year since my husband was home.

It was just a little windy :)

I sent my husband an Easter care package, and unfortunately it's taken much longer than any of the other boxes I've sent, so he doesn't have it in time for Easter. But given that today is Easter, I wanted to share the package I put together. It was filled with all kinds of Easter candy, and I covered the top with grass and plastic eggs (I'm sure he will love opening them as they scatter the floor!). 

One tip I have for anyone wanting to put pictures on the sides of the box is to use rubber cement. It's the only thing I've found that doesn't rip the pictures, and all you have to do is rub the glue off the back and the pictures are good as new. I've tried to use a glue stick, double sided tape, and rubber cement. I like to send my husband pictures he doesn't have, and this way he can keep them rather than have to throw them away because he can't get them off the box. 

Kali with her Easter bunny :)

My wonderful family :)

hope everyone has a great Easter! I feel so very blessed and lucky to have all I've been given in life :)


  1. What a wonderful care package! :) I hope you have a great day. :)

  2. Added your button back :) I like the new one! You are so creative with your care packages too! Hope you have a blessed day :)

  3. Love the care package - I hope he gets it soon!!

    1. Me too...I'm thinking he should get it tomorrow. Nothing like a day late :)