I'm Still Here :)

This week has been super hectic, and I haven't been blogging like I wanted to. I barely had time to get home and eat before I fell asleep, let alone turn on my computer to catch up on the blogging world. My mom wanted me to remind all my followers that I'm still alive, so here I am...no worries :)

Last night my parents and middle sister planned to come over for pizza, and just as we sat down to eat the doorbell rang. Nobody comes to visit besides my family, so we all looked at each other wondering who it could be. We don't have a peephole in our door, so I have to peek through the blinds in our front room...and who do I see???!! My youngest sister! She drove up from IU at the last minute to surprise the whole family. If you occasionally read my blog, you know my family is super close. It's always nice when we can all get together. 

This morning Kali had a visit to the vet, and surprisingly she loves going. She gets tons of attention, people ask to pet her, and she gets treats just for sitting on the scale long enough to get her weight. If she had it her way, I'm sure she would want to go more often. And her favorite part of the vet, is going to the pet store after to pick out a toy (and yes, she needs another toy). 

One of my goals while the hubby is gone is to print and frame a few of our wedding pictures to hang around the house. I don't like 99.99% of our wedding pictures, so it's tough to pick ones I want to spend the big bucks on to get framed. This is one I've decided on, so now I just need to figure out where I want to hang it (I'm thinking in the front hallway of the house).

Well, I'm off to lunch with my mom and sisters. Have a great Saturday :)


  1. That's so great you sister surprised you!!! I love when families are so close..most important thing!! Whats wrong with your wedding pictures?! I'm loving this one that you chose...you can tell how in love you are with each other :) Oh Kali, please teach my dog that going to the vet is really not a big deal and its fun. My dog despises the vet. He gets so nervous and shakes so much. It was brutal when he broke his paw last year (a post I wrote on the blog!). We had to go to the vet every 4 or 5 days...

  2. That is a great wedding pic. I think it will be perfect for your wall.

  3. Why don't you like your wedding pictures?! From the ones I've seen they're amazing, but obviously you've only posted your favorites.

    That is so sweet of your sister to surprise you guys!