Weekend Adventures

After I brought Kali home from the vet, I drove back to town to meet my mom, sisters, and aunt for lunch. My aunt surprised us by bringing her mom...she's one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet! I was only planning on staying for lunch...but it turned into a day of shopping (big surprise there :)).

Sister and I at lunch :)

My lovely sisters :)

My Aunt, her mom, youngest sister, me, and mom (middle sister is taking the picture)


Love this sign...so fitting for our house!

Kali with her new toys...she loves them! 
(I'm sure my husband is grinning as he sees Kali has 2 new toys...mom bought 1 so it makes it okay) 

And we finished the night with our favorite food...Mexican! 


  1. Absolutely no way y'all are related. I do not see it.

  2. Frozen yogurt? Such a tease. We went there last week and it was soo good.

  3. Sister time is the best! So fun!